My Name is Ms. Rosemary Atah, I am 19 years old and I live with my parents in Kayole suburb in Nairobi. I am a student in college but due to Covid19 challenges my parents have been out of work and unable to pay for my college fees forcing me to stay at home since last year in August up to now. Early this year I my body was very weak and sick and my mother took me to the nearby Soweto Kayole Clinic where I was attended to and after several tests I was told I am pregnant.

This really shocked me and I felt very ashamed since I felt I have let my parents down despite their struggle in supporting my education. My boyfriend rejected me and disowned the pregnancy leaving me depressed, I spent many days in bed and I wanted to die and stop the pain and suffering I was going through. My parents were initially very upset but with time they accepted the reality and my mum encouraged me to start attending ante natal care at Soweto Kayole PHC but I was emotionally very low and I kept thinking of committing suicide due to the pain of rejection that I was feeling.

My mum compelled and took me to Soweto Kayole clinic where I met a counselor who listened to me and took time to offer me counseling and with time I accepted my pregnancy and started attending antenatal clinic. I am very grateful to the counselor at Soweto Kayole Clinic for the care and support that they have continued to give me. Thank you, Soweto clinic.

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