Having conducted the Meru North Mission 2020, the new converts who came to faith are still being nurtured in different Churches. Meet Isaac who got saved during the mission.

“I was in a verge of giving up in life. I had committed many wrong choices in life that had greatly impacted my life negatively. My life was in a total mess and headed nowhere. There seemed not to have any reason for living. I had dropped out of school to go and had gone to Mombasa searching for work. I had been promised by a friend of good tiding at the coast. While there, I lost focus in life and made a few wrong decisions. I was arrested by police on crime that related to loss of money for the company I worked for. The weeks I spent in the police cells made me rethink about my life. When I got released, I went straight to the bus station for the trip to Meru.

It is on this frustrations that I met the AEE preachers as I was walking towards our town. I had reached the end. When I heard the word of God and how lost I was and God would bring me back on the course, I made the decision to receive Christ that day.

Today, I have found a reason to live. I have since resumed school and people around me are excited of my new relationship with Christ. In the Church, after finishing my discipleship classes, I joined the Technical and Instrument team and am happy to serve. I am keen on reaching out to fellow young people with the Gospel. I am happy today to be in Christ.”

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